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On the off chance that you had a period where you needed to rely upon your nourishment storage to live, it would be so important to realize how to utilize it and to have your family be utilized to that kind of cooking.

This is the transcript of an interview I led with Crystal Godfrey from the blog Everyday Food Storage regarding how to start using your long haul nourishment storage in everyday ways. She is a specialist at using nourishment storage in her everyday cooking and posts various formula ideas on her blog each week so she was an incredible asset to talk to about it.

Jodi: Hi Crystal, we simply have a couple of inquiries for you today. To start, what made you start using your nourishment storage for your everyday cooking?

Crystal: Well, I got my nourishment storage and I didn’t want it to simply be sitting there on my racks all the time. So what I did was I thought, well my mother, when I grew up, utilized nourishment storage … so I knew its basics. I realized it could be gross so I was somewhat bashful in trying it. So I just started trying a tad at a period and I just started using it.

The way I take a gander at nourishment storage is simply basic cooking ingredients that you would use in any formula. So all I do is I simply take my favorite plans and then start substituting out you realize say milk instead of milk put in powdered milk, eggs I put in powdered eggs, and onions I put in my dehydrated onions. So I’m not so much always coming up with new plans yet I incline that as far as I can tell individuals are less inclined to attempt it in their very own plans. They want to see somebody who has already attempted it and realize that it’s great.

Jodi: That’s how we are.

Crystal: So I simply put on the plans that I go after my own family that I realize my family already likes and change it out for nourishment storage ingredients and then I put it on my blog for individuals to see look this one DOES work. So ideally it will constructs certainty that then they can attempt it with their plans.

Jodi: That’s a really smart thought. That’s great to know. So I’m going to have to do that with mine now.

Crystal: Ya don’t as well pressure!

Jodi: But I like to utilize yours better! So how frequently do you cook with your nourishment storage?

Crystal: Every day!

Crystal: That’s really what I center around is the beginners. So what I would say is simply pick one thing that you’re going to start with. And something I think is easiest to start with is powdered milk. Because you don’t need to have a grinder and you don’t need to have all these special things to utilize it. You can simply start cooking with it right away. And you can start putting it in pastries like improved dense milk or like evaporated milk. And that way you realize it will taste great because it has the sugar. Your family is going to want to attempt it because it’s a treat.

Jodi: That’s always key in MY family.

Crystal: And then when they see that it’s great they’ll say “Gracious OK well that’s great”. So then I can attempt this and then I can attempt that. And the more things you attempt that construct your certainty the more you’ll probably attempt new things and to continue using what you already know. So my witticism is to always start with a treat. Because your family will attempt it